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  About Me
I have always believed the relationship between parent and child to be fascinating. At times full of joy and at other times the source of great conflict and worry. As a parenting and educational consultant, my goal will always be to maximize familial joy and minimize the stress for my clients.

A parent's decision-making uncertainty can be difficult especially when it comes to choosing schools. I pride myself on a problem-solving approach to making parental and educational choices. Being well-informed is the best way to feel good and confident about the process and ultimately the decision.


When it comes to our children, we will all face the occasional hurdle. My goal is to give parents tools to productively and successfully move forward. I believe a positive family experience is the foundation of success. Positive might not always mean happy, but it should epitomize love and support.

My extensive knowledge of the Los Angeles school systems public, private, magnet and charter options, allows me to well educate parents and help them make good choices for their children. I work alongside my clients in comparatively analyzing every choice offered to them - how specific schools will work domestically, and how best to manage the logistical challenges that might arise.

Additionally, I offer private consultations, telephone consultations, parenting group lectures, school, community or business presentations.