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Educational Placement

The wonderful diversity of Los Angeles is reflected in the many educational opportunities the city has to offer. However, navigating those educational choices can be a daunting task.   It is no longer so simple as sending a child to the corner school.  There is the magnet system to consider, charter schools, neighborhood options and private schools.  In order to make the best decision for the student and their family, I can clarify how the various systems work, and help to sort through the information in order to find the best fit.   I will make it easy to understand – I strive to put my clients in a position of knowledge, always the best place from which to make a decision.

I offer individual consultations or group lectures.



I have successfully relocated numerous families, some who were moving across town and others who came from oceans away.  I know how to take the stress out of the process.   I always work diligently and quickly to educate my clients about all of the options and to make sure they are able to find a good placement for their students and a good fit for the whole family.

I offer consultations or full service relocation packages.


Parenting can be one of life’s greatest joys, but it can also at times be
challenging. I work from a place of understanding and problem solving. Often we are so entrenched it is difficult to see even the most simple solutions. I listen with compassion and look for ways to bring harmony back to the family unit. I believe children thrive when they live in a supportive and loving environment.

I offer individual, group and community lectures.

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